Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Ultimate Mashup of Open Source Cloud Apps for Business

This is the first entry of our new blog and as it is customary I would like to let you know what EazyBusiness is all about. In essence, EazyBusiness is a suite of business applications, that you can access online. The current list of applications include a customer relation management tool (or CRM), a human resource management tool (or HRM) and a collaboration platform. The collaboration platform allows you to send and receive e-mails, to make appointments, store and share files and also give presentations and arrange meetings over the internet. These applications are hosted by us in one of the most advanced cloud companies in the world: Amazon EC2.

We’re working on the development and perfecting the recipe, and we recently launched the first beta version of the EazyBusiness offering, at the Cloud Computing Expo Europe (http://www.cloudexpo-europe.com).

If you would like to see if EazyBusiness can help your company succeed in these difficult times, save you time and money doing your day to day business activities, you’re invited to join the EazyBusiness beta, the business club for the clever thinking business owners. You can create your free account at http://www.eazybusiness.com

Your valuable feedback and your suggestions are very welcome, so feel free to comment.


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