Monday, March 1, 2010

Open Source and SaaS

Is the success of the SaaS model presenting a significant new opportunity for open source? The open source community have developed many fantastic apps but the widespread adoption of these apps has always been hindered by the difficulty for the non technical person to install, support and use them. That was at least until now! With OSaaS all the technical barriers have been removed leaving the end user free to use and enjoy a multitude of open source apps to carry out their day to day tasks.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Open Source, SaaS and the Enterprise

Since the very first software program was written people have been developing alternative free solutions to commercial products. Today, for practically every commercial application, you will find an open source alternative. However, the main issues that inhibited the uptake of open source was the technical ‘knowhow’ that was required to install, support and maintain the applications. For commercial applications you could sleep soundly in the knowledge that if anything failed a company was available to sort out your problems. This was not always the case for the open source alternative. However, the success of the SaaS model has presented a new channel for the delivery of applications that solves some of the major issues associated with open source. A new breed of open source companies are now up and running where the open source applications are accessed over the internet thus allowing the technical ‘stuff’ to be managed from a centralised location. This should significantly speedup the uptake and adoption of open source as the final barriers around technical knowhow are being removed, leaving the user free to avail of the apps and not worry about the underlying support of the technology.